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Welcome to Capital Drug & Background Screening. We’re dedicated to providing you accurate and reliable drug testing products as well as background screening services & candidate integrity and aptitude testing to meet your pre-employment and tenant approval needs!

A little about me. I’ve worked in Big Business (Kraft Foods, Altria/Philip Morris, Nabisco) in Accounting and Finance for about 15 years. It has always been my dream to own my own company, and sell products and services I believe in that will help other businesses succeed.

After a long and thoughtful search, I decided to take the leap into the Drug and Background Screening industry and provide a service that will help your business protect itself and your products by making sure your employees are drug free. My services will help you manage your entire employment screening process, from providing pre-screening aptitude testing to narrow your candidate search, to onsite and DOT drug testing, and background checks of employment candidates and potential tenants.

If you have an existing drug and background screening program, call me for a quote – I may be able to provide you a better product or service and a more competitive price.

If you don’t have an existing drug and background screening program, call me and I will help you create one. Nothing feels better than peace of mind.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jim McGarry
Capital Drug & Background Screening, LLC
Mailing Address: 572 West Broad Street #103, Hazleton Pennsylvania 18201
Phone: 570-956-0677
Fax: 570-454-8883